Welcome to the Web site for Kid Support™. We are a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to developing and disseminating high-quality, adult-led peer support programming for children living with cancer in the family. Because we believe that all children should have the opportunity to benefit from such programming, there is no fee for participation in Kid Support™ groups.

The Kid Support™ educational and support program is designed to help children ages four to twelve acquire a greater sense of control over their lives by:

  • providing age-appropriate information about cancer and its treatment,
  • addressing common cancer-related misconceptions,
  • promoting children's discussions about what they are feeling and experiencing,
  • teaching children coping skills, and
  • promoting family communication about cancer.

Kid Support™ programming is available at no cost through the Cancer Support Community (CSC), which unites affiliate networks of Gilda's Club Worldwide and the Cancer Wellness Community. The Cancer Support Community includes a network of 45 local affiliates in the United States, and international affiliates in Canada, Israel, and Japan. Kid Support programming is currently available at 36 of these affiliates.

Whether you're a young person looking for answers, a parent looking for resources, or just looking for a Kid Support™ program near you, we encourage you to browse our site and contact us with questions or for any additional information.