Cancer can take up so much time in a family that it can be difficult to know when or how to answer children's questions or talk about their worries. Our web site provides information and resources to assist and support you in helping your kid(s) cope.

In particular, we invite you to learn more about our free peer-support program for children ages six to 13.

"There is a growing awareness that children of adult patients…have many of the same needs as adults. The primary need is to meet other children whose parents have cancer….When children meet other children in this situation, it is comforting to realize that others have the same worries."

-- American Cancer Society, "Children With Cancer in the Family," 1999

Parents and caregivers who have children signed up for a Kid Support program receive additional help through workshops, resource  materials, and contact with Kid Support facilitators. Finding the words to explain cancer to children, dealing with children's fears, and explaining the side effects of cancer treatment are just a few of the topics covered in special sessions for parents.