Kid Support™ understands that cancer strikes the family, not just the patient. The anxiety and isolation that many children experience when a parent or other family member has cancer take their toll on children's family relationships, friendships, schoolwork, and even on children's long-range life plans.

Kid Support programming is specifically designed to address the psychological and social needs of children who have a parent or other family member going through treatment for cancer.

Facilitators trained in the Kid Support program use a variety of art activities, poems, stories, cartoons, and games to help children feel safe to ask questions, express difficult feelings, and share common experiences. Is cancer contagious? Who will take care of me? Is it my fault? What is chemotherapy? Children get answers to these and many other questions in Kid Support groups.

Kid Support programming is based on research documenting the stressors that parental cancer poses for children, and upon recent developments in coping theory. It was developed in consultation with professionals in the Chicago area who helped to pioneer programming for children with cancer in the family.

Kid Support programming is based on extensive research about children's reactions to cancer in the family. We encourage you to learn more about our research and credentials.