Training Course Description

In the Kid Support training course, participants develop a clear understanding of their role as group facilitator, and especially how it is different from that of a professional therapist or counselor. They learn how to determine when a professional referral is warranted, and how to maintain strict standards of confidentiality.

Participants also develop their facilitation skills, including effective listening and questioning skills, monitoring their own reactions and preventing burnout, and implementing the Kid Support program materials in a way that achieves the program's objectives.

Additional topics include:

  • Common effects of parental cancer on children and their families

  • How to explain basic cancer-related terms in language that children can understand

  • How to respond to questions children frequently ask when there is cancer in the family

  • Symptoms of grief and mourning in children

  • The importance of play

  • How to facilitate increased communication between children and parents

Facilitators are also trained to conduct an orientation session for parents, where they can assist parents in helping their children adapt to cancer in the family.