1. Getting to Know One Another  
2. Understanding Feelings  
3. Understanding Cancer  
4. Coping with Change  
5. Learning to Relax  
6. Appreciating Ourselves and Our Families  
7. Strengthening Family Communication  
8. Solving Problems  
9. Learning to be Assertive  
10. Learning to Negotiate  
11. Putting it All Together  
12. Saying Goodbye  

Session 10: Learning to Negotiate

This session furthers the development of participants' assertiveness skills by teaching them how to negotiate. After a review of three key things to do when asserting oneself, group members are introduced to the concepts of compromising and negotiating. They are then provided with a "recipe" for negotiation, and practice this recipe through a role-playing activity.

After completing their skits, group members reflect on the process of negotiation in a guided discussion. The session concludes with a relaxation exercise.

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