1. Getting to Know One Another  
2. Understanding Feelings  
3. Understanding Cancer  
4. Coping with Change  
5. Learning to Relax  
6. Appreciating Ourselves and Our Families  
7. Strengthening Family Communication  
8. Solving Problems  
9. Learning to be Assertive  
10. Learning to Negotiate  
11. Putting it All Together  
12. Saying Goodbye  

Session 3: Understanding Cancer

This session seeks to increase children's understanding of different kinds of illnesses, and to address any misconceptions they might have about cancer. After learning basic facts about cancer, and about illnesses in general, group members participate in a discussion of how family life has changed since the illness, and how they feel about those changes.

By means of a drawing and a writing activity participants are given an opportunity to externalize the disease and to redirect their anger from the ill parent to the illness.

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