1. Getting to Know One Another  
2. Understanding Feelings  
3. Understanding Cancer  
4. Coping with Change  
5. Learning to Relax  
6. Appreciating Ourselves and Our Families  
7. Strengthening Family Communication  
8. Solving Problems  
9. Learning to be Assertive  
10. Learning to Negotiate  
11. Putting it All Together  
12. Saying Goodbye  

Session 7: Strengthening Family Communication

This session focuses on the communication of love among family members. Through the discussion of a poem and an art activity, participants express how cancer may have changed their experience of love, and learn how love endures despite family upset.

Through a writing activity, in which children make a "bag of feelings" for sharing with their parents, group members are helped to express their thoughts and feelings to family members. The session concludes with a relaxation exercise.

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