1. Getting to Know One Another  
2. Understanding Feelings  
3. Understanding Cancer  
4. Coping with Change  
5. Learning to Relax  
6. Appreciating Ourselves and Our Families  
7. Strengthening Family Communication  
8. Solving Problems  
9. Learning to be Assertive  
10. Learning to Negotiate  
11. Putting it All Together  
12. Saying Goodbye  

Session 11: Putting It All Together

This session consolidates children's coping skills through additional practice of the five social problem-solving steps, and through a review of key points from the previous ten sessions. The session begins with a review of the key points of negotiation and the five steps for solving social problems, and moves on to an activity in which children work through a real-life social problem, with particular emphasis on thinking about the consequences of various solutions.

Next, in an engaging activity that reinforces children's sense of mastery (a primary source of self-esteem) and provides a comprehensive review, participants act out a television show called "Ask the Experts." The session concludes with a relaxation exercise.

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